whats your favourite thing about christmas?

legitimate excuse to stay at home and not leave the house and only eat chocolate for every meal

uhm E, M and A :D

ah, old nicknames ~

E - Enchanted
M - Moriarty
A - Au’s 

J, O, H, N, L, O, C, K

you wonderful anon you ^.^

J - Jam
O - Owl City
H - Harry Potter
N - Night
L - Lifesaving
O - Online (I totally blanked on this don’t laugh at me ~)
C - Chocolate
K - KickThePJ 


merci my dear ^.^

A Favorite Male: John Watson, without a doubt. Such an angel ~
B Favorite Female: Molly Hooper, how can anyone not love her?
Favorite Pairing: Johnlock of course though jamjim isn’t far behind
D Least Favorite Character: Sebastian just ugh.
E who’s most like me: idk? I’m a few people’s John though so there you go
F most attractive: Sherlock & John, you can’t make me choose
G three more characters that I like: Lestrade, Jim, Mrs Hudson ^.^

why is your twitter called owlscent

it’s a nickname a friend and I made up forever ago and I had no idea what to change my twitter to so it just stayed like that c:

Adam Young, Martin Freeman and Andrew Garfield (for this best friend, brother, husband thingy C:)

ooh you give me hard choices anna ~

i think i’ve figured it out

adam young - husband, he’d just be so sweet and lovely and perfection
martin freeman - brother, because honestly how could i not want him for a brother
andrew garfield - best friend, i ‘d get to also be friends with emma stone and this just has major advantages like i could ship them and also be their best friend yes give me this please

Hmmm.... Tom, Mark and Benedict. Enjoy!

oh god

okay okay

Benedict - Husband
Tom - Brother
Mark - Best friend 

1-10 bby

merci ~

1. Picture of you

2. What color underwear/boxers wearing now?
White with multicoloured stars ~

3. What are you listening to right now?
The Proclaimers - I’m Gonna Be

4. What’s your favourite number?

5. What was the last thing you ate?
Cheese on toast with scrambled eggs, yum ^.^

6. If you were a crayon what colour would you be?
Um, gray? idk ~

7. How is the weather right now?
Quite nice, fluffy clouds and sun and all ^.^

8. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? 
My grandparents

9. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
Hair or eyes

10. Do you have a significant other?
Hahahah, no  

Art, Blue, Cup, Dopey, English, Fear, Game, Harry Potter, Injury, Jump, Kiss, Love, Money, Naughty, Oops, Picture, Quality, Rapunzel, Star-sign, Teacher, Unite, Varsity, Word, Xylophone, Yellow, Zoo.

good lord

well I might as well, it’ll be the only productive thing I’ve done all day

art ~


cup ~
both c:

dopey ~
ooh once I was at dancing and we had to do this dance move where you had to kind of fall but not fall over and apparently I’d been doing it well so she tried to get me to show everyone and then I did actually fall over. face forward. 

english ~
just english

fear ~

game ~
um, a harry potter ‘3d’ game I’ve had forever 

harry potter ~
well i’m reading sherlock holmes right now, but last finished the bloody chamber

injury ~
yep, i had a glass back door and used to run into it all the time

jump ~
oh my god so much pain right now
I did about three and then landed on a plug dear god
the things I do for my anons


love ~ 
yep c:

money ~
i would buy the sherlock cast and make series 3 before the year is out

naughty ~
me staying inside
me going outside


picture ~
ugh i posted a picture this morning so here it is again


rapunzel ~
meet the robinsons
toy story series

star-sign ~
2nd may

teacher ~
a good person (in terms of a job, no idea)

unite ~
i haven’t got any money to donate, but i do try to do events and things for comic relief and children in need, worked at a charity shop and stuff like that 

varsity ~
not unless it’s the world cup


xylophone ~
i suppose i can play the recorder (can’t everyone), the flute and the keyboard but seriously only the very basics

yellow ~
red c:

zoo ~
hedgehog ^.^ 

Blue, Kiss, Oops, Quality and Word. And do them fast before I start watching Batman Begins!

blue ~
basically anything by owl city, my go to happiness filler ^.^

kiss ~
i’m going to have to decide once and for all, benny, there no going back on myself now

oops ~
about myself? um, to have some kind of talent would be nice

quality ~
ooh you meanie
(and more
oh god i feel bad now) 

word ~
ugh i did this forever ago but i haven’t got it saved on this laptop and this webcam is so rubbish